Creativity –> ?

Hay all. This is my first ever blog. But I’ll try my best to make you enjoy my writing

How you define a creative person? There is a saying that creative person is everybody that related art, design, music, fashion, or anything that connected of eccentricity and uniqueness. For me this saying is only suitable for the one who is not creative. Creativity for me is very wide and general, it has no boundaries and limitation that make some groups known as the creative one. Every body can be a creative person.

In my opinion, creativity is a free and unique concept of thinking. as long as it is original and have different things in good way. Something creative probably came from something simple and easy. Creative person can change simple things to something that unusual. They can even create something useful and interesting.

Let me show you some creativity in this world.

First, this picture is a bottle that can pour water into two glasses at the same time

For me, this second picture below is quiet creative, although it is simple, “just a sticker in the front of the car”, but sometimes we don’t even to think about it.

This third picture below is given just for fun,hahahahaha. But this is also quiet creative things that Japanese made. This is a pillow that formed as woman’s thigh that suitable for men like you. The inventor said that “if you sleep with this pillow, you will get very nice dream”. Hahahahaha. Do you ever think about this?

You all will agree that three picture above are came from Creativity, but how bout this picture below?

For me this is also the product of creativity. This picture above is “Candlestick Chart” that used as tools of technical analysis in trading stocks, features, or any products in capital market. The inventor is Japanese, named Homma Munehis, a legendary rice trader in the 18th century. His chart is used by people in all over the world till now. What a creativity he had,right?

Those pictures show as what creativity made. It came from all points of view about interesting concept of thinking. We all see it may simple, complex and unimagined. But, what if you asked me about how important creativity for me. I will answer; it means the world for me. From creativity, it came laugh, fun, tears, knowledge, technology, talking to girls, even making money also needs creativity. And the most important thing we can help people from our creativity. So, How world if no creativity?

2 Responses to “Creativity –> ?”
  1. nisanisyo says:

    well done yang 🙂

  2. ahahahaha, bisa fi bisa!

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