being positive

Last week is one of my worst in my life. Since I started trading stocks in BEI in October 2007, I had huge potential loss just in 3 days in last week. In the beginning I was so stressed up and hated stocks so much. I also often think about these every night or when I was doing nothing. Not only regret it but also how to solve it. And when I was doing some research and looking reference about stocks last night, I got some message form my friend that remembered me that I had more assignment from lectures. I felt like I have so many problems in this world, because these things will never stop, it will happen and happen again.

I’m not trying to share my problems with you, but I want to share you some thing interesting that popped up in my mind because of this these problems. What I’m trying to share is commonly simple.

When you got many problems, sometimes there is a moment that you got like many many things that came to your head and there thins that not related to your problem now. Yes, but there are more problems, things like bad memories, past mistakes, hate, or even death. Or sometimes you are just questioning yourself. Why this happened to me? Am I deserved this? Things like that is a negative. And when you go to your daily activities, you just hide your problems and act like nothing happen. But deep inside you just sorry for your self. Sometimes I, you, and most everybody just do things like that when we have problems. And what more sadly is, we often to do another negative activities like alcohol, drugs, or hurting our self. Yes, our environment is not support us. But my dad gives something, which I want to share to you. He said to me:

“You are being negative person right now, aren’t you?”

“Am I?”

I answered with shocked voice as I believe as I like everybody does. He continued

“Yes you are, you are seems like carrying the world in your shoulder. There is no need to think backward. What we have now is have to be solved and keep looking backward will never solve the problem. And you also don’t need to look for a running”

I just kept silence and try to keep focus in him. Then he continued again

“I also have been in your position. When feel down, or you think that you have huge problem, sometimes you should take a rest. Then read the newspaper or watch the television, you are may realize that in fact, you are one of the lucky ones”

After that, I had a long think about it. So, I took his advice. Then I found there are plenty problems that the world have and many people suffers mere than I do. I realize my worry actually inconsequential and I need to cherish everyday because I know God still love us.

I just want you to know how lucky we are and I want you to realize it.

We just need some rest and be positive at all time.

Are you negative person?

If you do, so pity of you, because you don’t realize how lucky you are.

2 Responses to “being positive”
  1. Anggara Pradhana says:

    now you understand why my quote is “move your head down, don’t always up”. just realized huh?hehe however it’s good to knowing someone else who realized it. well done my friend

  2. yap, i agree fi

    sometimes we think that we’re the most unfortunate people in the world just because, say, we can’t afford to eat at some nice restaurant because it is full. But we should realize that a lot of people out there find a really hard time in getting a meal, because they are poor, jobless and left out.

    it’s time to think, are we really the most unfortunate?

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