The creative One

My lecturer told me to write about who is my creative person. Actually I don’t know because too many creative person in this world. It’s kind hard for me to find the man. But, when I smoke cigars in my terrace, I look very beautiful sky. From that moment I found my creative person. Actually it is not a person; to be exactly it is a creature. The creature that created everything in this world. It created from A to Z, every detail in this world. Yes, it is GOD. It is the most of the most of everything (except to who that doesn’t believe in it). For me as a Muslim, God or Allah is the one who really really creative. I know, it sounds ridiculous to tell you that God it is the most creative person for me. But it is true, isn’t it?

Maybe sometimes we don’t think what creativity it has. Because we never think it is, because we don’t count it as a choice of who the creative one is. I want to show you about the product of God’s creativity, besides because this is assignment, I may help you to remember of God’s power so we can improve our prayer to it.

I think with the all the power that God’s have, with out creativity it will not be beautiful like that. Maybe the form of human from start till know will be the same. Maybe we there only black and with color. How come every human in this world has different finger prints, even they are twins? Not only, the form of what Gods made, but also the intangible things. Such as the system of life and death, or even what things are merit and sin.

The maker of every single creative person in this world will be the creative one.

In this case, it is God, right?


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