valentino rossi: creative racer?

Hmm..for me, valentino rossi is one of the creative person. but do you realized him as creative person?

maybe he is not creative with his thought, but for sure, he is the creative person in the circuit.  look the records he have:
Rossi is

  • Second in all time world championship wins with 6 world championships, behind Giacomo Agostini with 8 world championships.
  • Second in consecutive world championship wins with 5 consecutive world championships in 2001-2005 along with Michael Doohan with 5 consecutive world championships in 1994-1998, behind Giacomo Agostini with 7 consecutive world championships in 1966-1972.
  • First in all time race wins standings with 71 race wins. Giacomo Agostini is second with 68 race wins.
  • First in all time podium standings with 114 podiums in premier class.
  • First in most podiums in a season with 16 podiums in 2003 and 2005.
  • First in most fastest laps in a season with 12 fastest laps in 2003.
  • Second in all time pole positions standings with 41 pole positions, behind Michael Doohan with 58 pole positions.
  • Second in all time race fastest laps standings with 58 race fastest laps, behind Giacomo Agostini with 69 race fastest laps.
  • Second in most race wins in a season with 11 race wins in 2001, 2002 and 2005 along with Giacomo Agostini, behind Michael Doohan with 12 race wins in 1997.
  • Third in most pole positions in a season with 9 pole positions in 2003 along with Michael Doohan and Kevin Schwantz, behind Michael Doohan with 12 pole positions in 1997, Wayne Gardner and Freddie Spencer with 10 pole positions in 1987 and 1985 respectively.

The creativeness of valentino rossi is ultimately on the line of his driving in circuit. when he drive in the circuit, he will take non-commonly driving line. this is his advantage that he had. by this advantage, he is good when turning and overtaking his rival.  rossi also good at late braking technics.

When he was in Honda, everybody thinks that Rossi win the world champion because of his honda motorcycle. but, he prove that his creativeness of his driving lead him to another world champion of Moto GP with Yamaha, that has disadvantage in speed.

Rossi also has a creativity when he celebrate his winner. he often do something different but still entertained people. he often wear the doctor suit after we won  a race. sometimes he make some play of his skills with stewards in the circuit. all this creativity also made him one of greatest sportsman ever.


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