Hai semuanya..dr kmaren nulis di blog ini pke bahas inggris mulu,skali2 gak papa kali yah nulis pke bahasa indonesia sehari-hari.. hari ini saya melihat suatu gambar saya pada saat saya kecil di ruang tunggu tamu rumah saya. tiba-tiba jadi teringat aja masa kecil saya dan tiba-tiba juga jadi pengen aja nulis sesuatu temtang anak-anak. tapi … Continue reading

The creative One

My lecturer told me to write about who is my creative person. Actually I don’t know because too many creative person in this world. It’s kind hard for me to find the man. But, when I smoke cigars in my terrace, I look very beautiful sky. From that moment I found my creative person. Actually … Continue reading

being positive

Last week is one of my worst in my life. Since I started trading stocks in BEI in October 2007, I had huge potential loss just in 3 days in last week. In the beginning I was so stressed up and hated stocks so much. I also often think about these every night or when … Continue reading

Creativity –> ?

Hay all. This is my first ever blog. But I’ll try my best to make you enjoy my writing How you define a creative person? There is a saying that creative person is everybody that related art, design, music, fashion, or anything that connected of eccentricity and uniqueness. For me this saying is only suitable … Continue reading

Hello world!

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